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Are you feeling stuck? Anxious? Unclear? Sad? Lonely? Lost? Yantra Rediscover Yourself has the solution for you.

Services I Provide For My Clients

One to One Coaching

Our holistic approach to coaching is about inspiring real transformation and empowerment in all areas of life. It is a method that focuses on being a loving guide, and holding space for you, to find your own unique way.

Pause a while and look around you, see if you would like more…

  • Self Love & Self Confidence
  • Success & Happiness
  • Balance in your life
  • Resilience, clarity and focus

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Yoga & Meditation Classes

For Stress & Pain relief & to boost Immunity. Begin your journey to a better life with Peace, health, Love & Joy.

In Curepipe or on Zoom

Join us for a free trial on Mon @ 17.30, Wed @ 16.00, Thurs @ 18.00, Fri @ 18.00, Sat @ 07.00 & Sun @ 10.30

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  • Monday 17:30
  • Wednesday 16:00
  • Thursday 18:00
  • Friday 18:00
  • Saturday 07:00
  • Sunday 18:30

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Online Courses

  • Art of Letting Go Course
  • Stress & Anger Management Course
  • Anxiety, Depression, Fear & panic Attack Course
  • Be A New Confident You in 30 days Course

Online Courses

  • Mindful Weight Loss Course
  • Eliminating Limiting Belief Course

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— About Prithee Ajodah

Hello Beautiful Soul, nice to meet you here.

I help individuals to become their best version.

My mission here is to help others on their spiritual journey to
higher consciousness, inner peace, and personal transformation.
It is to empower them to grow, to rise and to be free from the
emotional patterns, conditioning, fears, anxiety and limiting
beliefs that block them from experiencing peace, happiness and
abundance in their life. It is to inspire and empower those who
refuse to settle for anything less than an amazing life to live
with passion & purpose. It is to create value and make a
significant difference in the lives of others.

Years of

Results I have helped create

Hear out what my clients say about me.
"Prithee creates the kind of healing, beautiful space that allows your light to shine so brightly you can finally see everything as it really is. It is so amazingly helpful to have her guide you toward your truest self, asking all the questions that you wouldn’t have thought to ask, but then are so glad you did. Working with her is such a game changing experience, one that truly transforms you into the person you most want to be."
Jenny Burton
"Truly, Life Changing. Prithee Ma'am is, in real means, a GURU. The way she imparts the teachings and the classes, She does that with all her heart. Always welcoming Us with a Smile, She is impartial and Kind. The 'Let it Go' class has been Life Changing for me. Honestly, after the classes at Yantra, I have started feeling cured and alive. That feeling of Bliss, which I haven't felt since long. I am really grateful to Prithee Ma'am for being a really Exceptional Teacher. Thank You so much."
Nilesh Dhondoo
"I found the 30 days Online Course very beneficial. I would strongly recommend Yantra Spa to everyone! I am extremely satisfied by the professionalism and approach used by Mrs Prithee. You really helped me get some simple yet immensely important insights about myself and what I should work on in the future. "Totally changed how I approach work and life."
Rumi La
"I have been working with Prithee for 6 weeks and it has completely changed how I approach work and life. Prithee has a great way of getting to the essence of blocks via a side door. This allows me to get to a deeper level without the super emotional distractions. Everything I focused on has manifested...I can't wait to see what's coming next."
Priscilla Issur
"Mesmerizing yoga experience with Prithee. She is totally immersed in yoga and shares her 100% knowledge with her students. Thank you again. We always look forward to our yoga classes every week. We can feel the positive vibes and energy in her class. keep it up!"
Roubina Jowaheer
"If are looking for peace and balance in your life, Yantra Spa is the place to be! Been doing yoga there for the past 3 years. I am so grateful to have met Prithee, she is godsent! I highly recommend her classes, healing therapies and massages."
Ti Queen CY
How it works?

Simple Steps to Success

It all starts with a single first step.

Learn about how them you went down prying the wedding ring off his cold, dead finger. I don’t know what you did, Fry, but once again, you screwed up! Now all the planets are gonna start cracking wise about our mamas.

Ready to start?

We get it. Rewiring old energetic patterns, programming, Beliefs & Habits that have been around for years (sometimes a lifetime) requires awareness, skills, perspective, and support. It’s not always obvious, but it is possible. And you don’t have to do it alone.

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Self Development Course

Learn about how them you went down prying the wedding ring off his cold, dead finger. I don't know what you did, Fry, but once again, you screwed up!

Get Instant Access to the Free

Self Development Course

Learn about how them you went down prying the wedding ring off his cold, dead finger. I don't know what you did, Fry, but once again, you screwed up!
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